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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poem: The Champ Is Here 4!!! (Ali of Poetry)

“The Champ is Here 4!!! (Ali of Poetry)”

Listen here
Ear to the paper listen clear
The Champ (The champ is here)
My lines before were chump
And still they thumped
Harder than
They thought I was dumb but I was smarter than
Make em swallow assumptions with my quotes
Don’t judge a book by its cover, if you never see it close
This is a “Shell” spirit inside
And that in the pages I never hide
So you can call it pride when I feel inside....I’m....
Not lying....umm....Champion
But you can doubt me
These lines...tell me....I’m no Muhammad but Ali
Pen with no gloves
I bury punch lines the bare knuckles
This is my passion...and every time I write
My soul roars these words.... I feel the rumble of
Rumble....Ol man Rumble..... Boyyyy
I’ll will
Be...The Greatest

Bet that
And never forget that...
(I said that)
Even quote me
Spirit like see (Told you trust in me)
He....Is the first champion....Likes to write like me
And likes to prove to be
The greatest
He can use this shell
I’m blessed to have lines hot as hell
Mine as well
Be deep...
He’s the deepest
I hope these lines are sinkin.....Like I’m flooded your mind with lines
Like I put a broken sink in
And I hope these lines ain’t sinkin’
Some people stuck with that stinkin’ thinkin’
To doubt I can’t be...everything he see in me

(And that’s a champion)
I’m the champion