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Thursday, April 7, 2011

ill FlowMania (The Cyper): featuring The Poetic Genius

ill FlowMania (The Cypher):

What's up Poets and Poettes, welcome once again to The Lab of yours truly. It's always pens popped and ink spilled over here and this blog posting is no different. I wanna see who got flow, I wanna see who can spit, make brains split with the metaphors. I wanna see the best of the best step up and drop ill free styles. Think you can flow? step in and lets get it poppin. Depending on how many show up determines how many times you can spit, for now lets just keep it at 16 lines. Let's get it!



    tryna figure out what I wanna spit
    tryna control my anger so you don't get hit
    pullin up slow right in front of ur crib
    pullin verbal drive bys with diamond studded tips
    I'm droolin words while sportin a bib
    ur lines are weak like a Pringles potato chip
    and my shit is hot n spicy like a salsa dip
    my A game is on point like an arrow tip
    Your Lame game is limp like your little dick
    yeah I said it so what bitch!!
    yeah I flexed on a freestyle tell me who want it
    I'm so grounded I cant possibly slip
    you stay sinkin ships boo get a grip
    before I peel your cap back like a lace front wig
    why you mad cuz you aint follow tha script
    why you stutterin like a 45 vinyl skips
    so I let you swim in my thoughts bitch
    just do a back stroke and skinny dip in it
    you can have these rhymes my mind is like a microchip
    you're character approved dude funny like a comic strip!

    ~~ Jamie

  2. I'm jaw droppin dudes and pimpin slappin ya hoes
    Im like a wheat field Bitch, ain't no end to my flow
    Have ya lost so far in my mind, you'll be watchin my poetic locks grow
    Hypnotized and mesmerized while I put on a show
    And while you're stuck starin stupid you just got smoked like some dro
    Roll n' up ya sleeves but you ain't ready for these
    Im in ya house sprayin ya couch makin ya 16 bars bleed
    A poetic genie but I don't grant ya wish I take 'em
    You think about scriptin... I make 'em
    Paintin pics and sculptin in kilts... I bake 'em
    Enticin ya pen below panty lines... I rape 'em
    Wanna fuk wit me... I snatch ya dream out ya head go tell ya posse' JODI ATE 'em
    I'm a beast
    Lyrical police
    I get Psychotic on the sheets
    Don't creep ya wack ass in cause Imma put ya pen in the headlock til you both fall to sleep!
    Lights OUT!!

    ~~ Jodi

  3. 3 times flip the light switch sis
    tell em they aint gotta leave to go home
    but they gotz to be out this bitch!
    show em how short arms cant box
    with strong arms wrapped around glocks
    staple they timbs to tha floor
    and blow em outts they socks!
    have em wonderin what happen
    sratchin they head askin why
    cuz we be on
    that ride or die ride
    words be wrapped around their minds
    like a taliban turban
    stay sippin on our verbiage like vintage burban!
    your lips and finger tips are brown
    put down the roach clip
    Fuckin with jodi are you crazy
    shell shut you down so fast
    you'll look like you got a cleft lip!

    ~~ Jamie

  4. D-Cipher, The Lyrical Assassins

    I got verbs strapped to my chest ready to detonate
    A lyrical blast from my vest, just to demonstrate
    That I’m verbally the best, BOOM, get it straight
    Everybody gone, GREAT, I just left you hate
    Pull out your pen; it’s time for your test of fate
    Put it down, it’s over, my bad, I digress, just wait
    Before you pick it up, let the mood just resonate
    See my ill flow busts hard like I was the head of state
    My tongue so sharp, one wrong move and I decapitate
    I am a rhyme killer, beat filler, let that just marinate
    Diabolically thriller with demons trying their best to escape
    D-Cipher destroying these ciphers; PLEASE EVACUATE
    As they try to decipher, I’m like, “you might wanna back away
    I’m a basket case, but then again, that just what a bastard says
    So as I pass my grave, I snicker, chuckle and laugh for days
    Looking for my next victim to eat, I’m ready to stab the steak
    Bent mind, crooked teeth, really, I feel the need to elaborate
    Never mind, I’ll just digest this beast, then I’ll pass the plate
    Sweaty palms, because these bombs will leave you with panic shakes
    But don’t worry; I’m gone as you see through my manic state

  5. Imma bone collector
    a lyrical throne director
    Even Denzel repelled
    Cause I shitted on his lines...
    Manic metaphor perfecter
    A Bullshit protestor
    Im da manufacturer of your sanctuary
    Every push of my pen adds a full feet of dirt to every grave in yo cemetery
    I bury pork
    Fuk goin Ham
    You think Kaiser soza was ominous
    Im a female version of a poetic GOD DAMN!
    Askin for me to less 'n the blessin of your lyrical digressin
    is a wasted wish no longer in possession
    Think twice, two left
    Im the "it" in your sentence cleft
    Demonic transfixer on spoken words breath
    I breathe verbal leakage so please rub me wrong
    Imma show you more of my ding to get ya ready for my dong
    Spreadin more ink
    but for now...
    I'll be gone


    (Nice ink D-Cipher, way to bring it and rep')


  7. D-Cipher The Lyrical Assassin

    I’m a mic mangler, they can’t handle my ballistics
    A write strangler, my flow is cannibalistic
    I might dangle verbs because I’m so damn sadistic
    Metaphoric burps, before I devour and spit this
    Get it; see my style and my swag are unparallel
    I’m wild and I’m madd, and never been scared of hell
    Walk a mile with my bags, that’s only if you dare to fail
    Cause I’m vile and I’m bad, look, a transparent shell
    I’m an MC killer, I’m a wack bastard burier
    Cracking your pillars as I move past your barriers
    Crash you interior, it’s the Blackbird that’s daring ya
    Because my styles much iller, and my words are scarier
    Too many personalities and each one got sick flows
    But that’s my reality and that’s how this shit goes
    I zip past the fallacies, and I’m quick to hit those
    Who don’t know how to be, press’em like stiff clothes
    Put’em six feet under, I cover them with all my dirt
    I got a sick fiend hunger, and blood all over my shirt
    I flip and bring thunder, now it’s too late for the hearse
    Cause I rips dreams asunder every time my mic bursts
    I guess it’s a curse…

  8. P.S. Thanks Jodi. Way to flow Jamie. Keep on killing it peeps.


  9. Hey guys we took it over to another site Jodi's Artistic Joint

    c~ya there

  10. The Poetic GeniusApril 13, 2011 at 8:34 PM

    it aint over here yet, we can keep on flowing no need to take it to another site. kid gloves off now, no 16 line limit (just no 2 page poems, lol) my pen is cracking its nuckles now

  11. my pen has a profile on the most wanted list!
    its posted up in the post office in a line up propped up in my wrist
    I got pens all colors for yall so you can skittdattle with the skittles
    like loaded guns in your mouth just so you can can taste the rainbow
    Im like a terrorist amongst my own extreamist in the lessons taught
    i'll slap your top man like hes a bitch and pistol whip em right in front of yall
    i got pens straped to my chest like its a detonating bomb
    I got rolls of paper like its a flint ready to ignite the scroll its on

    ~~ Jamie

  12. my actions dependant
    on how you're attitude affects it
    I'm straight from tha bricks my words burn your lips
    my shit is like a hot knife on top of stacks butter sticks
    gotcha eyes Rollin in your sockets
    when you try nd get outta pocket
    grab a mirror and watch your own reflection
    oh how your mouth rewinds sayin nuthin like a tape cassette
    I go from 0 to 120 is less than 3 seconds
    my mind spins like a CD in a casino takin bets
    me ohhh no I don't make threats
    I smoke yall like a cigarette
    I flow thru ur mouth like waxed floss
    I'm not THAT bitch baby I'm your boss

    ~~ Jamie

  13. your neighborhood watch fails to watch the neighbors in your hood
    when my car reminds you of a hearse passes thru your hood
    watch how everybody bowin heads in silence for every body left behind me
    and when I leave I never left I'm always gonna return
    pay close attention muthphucka
    to tha surge of grief that rolls thru ur area like a northeastern

    gotcha flinchin when you even think of my name
    gotcha drop tuck and rollin when I set foot in tha game
    if my mind is a baton then my words still twirl
    have you dizzy with hooks that'll make you hurl
    gotcha grabbin your man got em snatchin his girl
    I'm the barber of words shaving off your curls

    ~~ Jamie

  14. gotcha flinchin when you even think of my name
    gotcha drop tuck and rollin when I set foot in tha game
    if my mind is a baton then my words still twirl
    have you dizzy with hooks that'll make you hurl
    gotcha grabbin your man got em snatchin his girl
    I'm the barber of words shaving off your curls

    I read your weak ass rhymes with shades
    you see this poetry shit be on my mind like a fade
    I'm bullet proof when it comes to you
    I use you pad as toilet paper and shit on you
    use your pen as a suppository and explode on your ass
    ssshhh Jamie Bond is teachin go sit ur ass down somewhere
    my cerebral is like a an atomic bomb keepin em scattered
    you're like an atom nigga you're too dense to matter
    my words are like velvet that's why you like to feel me
    your shit feels like roaches in my inbox nigga you filthy!!

    ~~ Jamie

  15. “I’m Ill”

    PG the monsta...of Poet-Tree
    Cut straight from the Poet-try
    Test me...
    I’ll prove to be
    A Poetic Genius....and they’ll be no sequel
    Cocky or not, fuck it...I’ll say there’s no equal
    No charm like 3rd try
    You can’t even see me with your 3rd eye
    Someone created me
    Wow....Do I even have to say that’s deep
    To cliché-ally speak.....
    As about 20 feet....Deep(er) than the ocean....
    I could mess ‘round drown in my own flow
    .... (But I won’t)
    My pen stays swimming forward, but got a mean back...stroke
    I been carrying the game and back still ain’t... broke
    Cause you can laugh at how crazy the skills are, but don’t take me for a....
    Or I’ll sharpen my mind to cut your face leave you like a Joke....(er)
    I’m not a Dark Knight, just a poet that’s black man....
    But write Grand Slam Flows as if my pen was a
    They say the sky’s the limit, but I aim for further than that... fence
    Make your mind flip like a paper is that gym
    And I’m bout to make your mind back bend
    Check this scenario....
    1,000 may fall and I’ll still stand pen in hand
    Shining like a gold medal...that’s owed to me
    I’ll deal with this under rankings they’ve dealed to me
    Cause I know they can’t conceal or wreath....or...
    My torch....
    This is my real of state....get off my porch
    Unless you come bearing props and all
    So I can get to the top and prop ya’ll
    Up with me...or crop ya out, so you won’t be against me
    However you want it....doesn’t tempt me... to quit
    I love it and I’m too good with this gift
    Cocky enough to leave it unattended but don’t have intent
    To flush my toilet....
    I’m the shit
    Poetic Genius remember the name...soon to be Historically
    Cause I’m Ill

  16. you got beauty and brains huh
    well I wanna see your beautiful brains
    bouncin around on this sidewalk
    have tha cords from your cranium lookin like jumpin beans!
    I mean we all been to tha clinic that's why you like it raw dog
    stick an apple in yo mouth lets call you boss hog

    Call me selsome blue cause I could be sellin somethin blue
    I'm quick to cradle your cap with some cradle cap
    oh your street name must be dandruff cuz ur mind is flakey
    I'll light that ass up like a Christmas tree
    your spoken words melt tha mike yeah yeah yeah we all know this
    not hardly cuz you hot tho but because you have halitosis