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Friday, October 15, 2010

Poem: The Champ by The Poetic Genius

“The Champ”

Words are feelin’ used
Used up
And tired of poets bein’ sick “They threw up”
Hands ready to quit
But no…
The champion is equipped
With words formin’ in my mind
To my lips
Calling my pen into my grip
I’m ready…
Ready with my pen and notebook set to defend
The papers my ring I step in
Always win
I never lose
I’m married to poetry, she’s forever my muse
So we’re one, like we’re fused
I’m amused
At Writer’s Block, those are just ends to a round
Never down
For ten
I can split one mind in ten
Listen as I reflect them
1. Wisdom, 2. Wit, 3. Art, 4. Creativity
5. Passion, 6. Purpose
7. Drive and 8. Dedication
9. Inspiration and 10. Motivation
I’m so motivated
My destiny’s waitin’
So no patience
I’m amped
With all my words except “Can’t”
So…define me in two words
“The Champ”
(The Champ is here)

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