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Friday, October 15, 2010

Poem: The Champ 2 by The Poetic Genius

“The Champ 2”

The champ is here
You know me
Of verse
I thirst for another ring
Step into the ring
I’m Ali
“Float like a butterfly” but I sting
The best is me, myself and I
No Irene
Read my lines with your mind’s eye
And your Eileen
Eye lean
I mean
Different spellin’
They’ll be stories of my greatness in different tellings
Different tongues
But all mean #1
Ichiban, EL Primero
Or whatever
I fit Poet to every letter
P-    O-    E-    T
A      V     X      A
S       E     C       L
S       R     E       E
I                L       N
O              L       T
N              E
I’m balanced
But no diet
Word overeater
I burp smoke
I spit Ether
My flow never cold
Like it sleeps in the Sun
Espanol, Numero uno
English it’s number 1
I’m no Saint, but have a Super Bowl of Victory Soup after
Somebody tell Sho Nuff, sho nuff I’m the master
Challenge my flow you’ll see the bottom of the dam
It’s the King of The Free Verse but you can call me “The Champ”
(The Champ is here)


  1. man i'm so proud of you , your doin you and your doin it well.awesome ink.

  2. Abso-friggin-lutely! I am scared of you - and your incredibly gifted pen, my friend . . .